Findability of Airport Arrivals and Departures

photo of arrivals and departures screen in savannah, georgiaI appreciate airports with arrival and departure screens that list flights alphabetically by destination city. I especially appreciate the larger screens: the airline logos stand out, making it possible to quickly eliminate flights that aren’t mine. Larger airports seem to sort by destination, but many airports list their flights in order of departure time. When the data is sorted by time, time is frequently not the first column, so you’re faced with first figuring out what the flights are organized by. I wish I was a more mellow travel cat and could say this only matters to me when I’m rushing to catch a connection and need gate information pronto. Alas, no…

Ultimately, I don’t think there’s an inherently ‘best’ field to sort by. The alphabetical order is perhaps the most quickly apparent, and knowing what I’m looking for is reassuring. I’m just as likely to need to check my print-out for my connection flight city, flight number, or departure time. I always have it within reach. Although departure time is the flight variable most likely to change, I just noticed in the photo that updated flight times are displayed in the ‘remarks’ column so the time column does not actually change.

Is this why A-Z pages are appealing when you can’t find what you’re looking for on a site?

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