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Wundrbar: ‘feeling lucky’ meets quicksilver?

I’m checking out wundrbar, which launched in March, and I’m thinking, OK, so how is this so special? It keeps sending me to google. I can do that in my toolbar. After a little exploring, I like it. I’ll keep it. Here’s a glimpse of me learning what it does as I tried the examples on the home page to figure out the deal.

query: ‘fly southwest bdl sjc’
screen shot of wundrbar search for flight information

As you enter terms, it starts displaying the type of results you’re going to get. When I added a second date it switched to round-trip. (That took me a few searches to figure out.) It unfortunately doesn’t remember what I searched previously. It ignores the ‘southwest’ in my query, defaulting to expedia, and offering a few alternatives. When I hit enter, I go right to the Expedia results. No ridiculous airline interface. woot. Read the entire post: Wundrbar: ‘feeling lucky’ meets quicksilver?