Glassblower Site Redesign Prototype: Request for Feedback

I’ve been working with Bob & Nancy of Robert Burch Glass to redesign their site.

Redesign Goals

  • Reach broader audience
  • Create a current, lasting look & feel that shows off the quality of the glasswork
  • Make the site easy for Bob & Nancy to update
  • Add online purchasing to the site.

Existing Site Screenshot

Screen shot of existing website

Redesign Prototype

Screenshot of the redesign

Check out the prototype of the redesign.

This is not a real website:

  • The links at the top of the pages are live, as are all links to perfume bottles.
  • There are some funky color shading issues in the background—those won’t be an issue on the real site.
  • Some ‘pages’ are cut off at the bottom. (They are just mock-ups fit to a particular size.)
  • The prototype does not include online shopping functionality

A few questions about the design:

  1. There are two versions of the ‘Gallery’ page, i.e. the page that leads to all of the glass. Which do you prefer?
  2. There are two versions of the side navigation. Which do you prefer and why?

I’m interested in any other feedback as well!


  1. brandtkurowski Says:

    1. I (slightly) prefer the gallery with the single thumbnail per category, because there’s less visual clutter (the added whitespace helps) and more information fits on the page (the headings don’t add height).

    2. I (definitely) prefer the side nav with words for each category, because at a glance it’s clearly navigation. When clicking through the site the first time, I didn’t realize the pictures on the right were navigation. Also, using words again saves vertical space, so the whole nav fits “above the fold”.

    Of course, both of these preferences leans towards “more text, fewer pictures”, which is how I tend to design things. A more visually oriented person would probably prefer the opposite choice in both cases!

  2. luciano991 Says:

    I like the multiple pictures per category. Gives me more choices/information taking advantage of space above the fold and thumbnails in the side navigation. The pictures are so beautiful I can’t get enough.

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